The Best Portable DC Air Conditioner 2022

The Best Portable Air Conditioners To Keep You Cool In The Dog Days Of  Summer

It is impossible to cope with summers without an air conditioner. RIGID developed Micro dc air conditioning units can be installed in your van or bedroom to help you cope with summer.

If you look for an air conditioner for your van, trailer, small bedroom, office cabin or electric vehicle, then you can choose a compact portable Aircon Unit. Apart from that, you can choose a Micro DC Aircon for your off-road camping and outdoor activities.

RIGID Micro DC Aircon is a micro air conditioner unit, which is available with various power capacities, such as 12V, 24V, and 48V. The height of these air conditioners is 7 inches and it has 10 inches wider. Hence, you can easily install such Micro DC Aircon units in small cabins and restricted spaces. These small aircon models are even used for spot cooling in cockpits.

What Are The Advantages Of RIGID Micro DC Aircon?

You cannot connect normal air conditioners to a DC power unit. But, you can easily connect RIGID micro dc aircon to a DC power supply, and it can easily consume power from car battery and solar panel. The Micro DC Aircon provides maximum 550W (1,876Btu) and is easily connected to DC inverters.

The maximum cold air outlet temperature (from the evaporator) is 5℃ (41℉). For extreme hot areas like the Middle East or Dubai, the max ambient temp is 55℃ (131℉), that is our tropical 24V air aircon unit DV1920E-AC(T). so the tropical A/C unit is able to operate in higher temps.

  • Micro DC Aircon is environment-friendly and you can easily install such reverse cycle air conditioners in your storage units.  For small rooms, vans and camping, vehicles, and cabins, you can choose 12 volt micro dc air conditioner.  RIGID micro air conditioner unit is designed with a split electric box and control system.  You cannot find any noise from the covered compressor of this small AC unit.
  • When it comes to vans, trailers, RV, small cabins, cuddy cabins, and electric vehicles, the only alternative is a micro air conditioner. You can install such micro AC in a confined place. Additionally, you can use your car battery or solar power to power portable 12V or 24V micro air conditioners in your outdoor areas.
  • Differ to normal air conditioners, there’s no need to install two units in Micro DC Aircon such as indoor and outdoor unit. RIGID developed micro a/c has the world’s smallest footprint and lightweight and easy to carry. These air conditioners are designed with BLDC inverter compressor, driver board, condenser, evaporator, refrigeration parts and capillary. These parts are installed in a small unit that can be customized to meet your needs.
  • If you have a small cabin or vehicle you can even use a 12 volt air conditioner to keep it cool and prevent extreme heat and humidity.

How Many Types of RIGID Micro DC Aircon? 

There are currently three types of micro air conditioners available on the market: 12 volts, 24 volts, and 48 volts. So, you can choose the best one according to your requirements. The following information can help you better understand different types of micro air conditioning units:

12 volt Micro DC Aircon (DV1910E-AC): if you want to cool down your small cabin and you do not have enough space to install an AC, then you can choose a 12 volt portable air conditioner unit. It can be powered by grid power, batteries, or solar power and is one of the smallest air conditioners on the market. This 12V air conditioner is lightweight and small, and are available for indoors and outdoors.

24 volt Micro DC Aircon (DV1920E-AC): 12Volt and 24Volt micro Aircon air conditioners are designed with the same technology, and share the same configuration and dimension, but 24V micro AC has slightly more cooling capacity than a 12V AC. It has more than 50W cooling capacity and it is designed with BLDC inverter compressor, driver board, condenser, refrigeration parts and capillary and evaporator with fan. It is perfect for small space cooling. Most importantly, 24 volt micro aircon unit has only 1/2 working current. It has much lower amps draw.

48 volt Micro DC Aircon (DV1930E-AC): This is a micro AC unit that can be operated by 48V battery. This type of air conditioner has parts similar to 12V and 24V DC air conditioners, along with a powerful BLDC inverter compressor. Additionally, it has a powerful evaporator for cooling small spaces. The 48 volt micro dc aircon is widely applied to electronics and outdoor telecom cabinet cooling.

Plus, Apart from DC power battery, RIGID micro dc aircons are also able to run on solar panel.  Solar systems convert sunlight into electricity and can significantly reduce your power consumption. You can now save money on your electricity bill by using solar power to run your micro dc air conditioner. Even, you can use such micro AC in your off-road camp where no electric power is available.

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Why Choose RIGID Micro DC Aircon? 

RIGID Micro DC Aircon, also known as mini dc air conditioner units, are cooling sub systems that come with evaporator and blower. They’re the smallest type of dc air conditioner available and can be used as a thermal management system for small spaces.

RIGID Micro dc air conditioners can easily prevent extreme hot temperatures, control the humidity of your rooms and vehicles, and connect to solar panels for power saving benefits.

RIGID Micro Portable air conditioner units are a great option for those who want to be able to move their A/C unit from place to place easily. Plus, they are much less noisier than conventional split air conditioners. Most conveniently, the micro dc aircon can be connected to solar power when you off the grid.

Split air conditioners do have 11,000 -14,000 BTU cooling capacity though and can cool large rooms like garages, computer rooms, and cabins. Just keep in mind that you cannot use them in your vehicle or at recreational off-road camps.

If you need to cool a small space like your van or trailer or your bedroom, you can use RIGID micro dc aircon units. They are easy to install and can be used in rooms, cabins, vehicles, and camps. For example, if you want to have a party in your outdoor garden during summer, you can install a few micro air conditioners to control the temperature. These small portable air conditioner units can also help control the humidity level.

What Are The Features Of Micro DC Aircon? 

The RIGID micro aircon units are the ideal solution for small space cooling. These units can be used for personal cooling, electronic devices, medical devices, and laser cooling. Unlike traditional air conditioners, they do not have indoor and outdoor units and can be easily installed in restricted spaces.

You may want to maintain your cabin temperature to work from your desk comfortably, and avoid any damage to the system because of high temperature. You can install a micro dc Aircon in your cabin. Apart from that, you may also wish to install such small dc air conditioners in laboratories to help maintain scientific equipment or control the temperature inside them.

What are the benefits of micro air conditioners?

Some benefits of micro air conditioners include that they are available with indoor and outdoor units, lightweight and small, have 12 volt, 24 volt, and 48 volt DC inputs, designed with brushless inverter, have 500Btu~1,800Btu cooling capacity , simple to install ,and you do not need to pay any installation charge for such micro air conditioner. Additionally RIGID micro air conditioner units have smaller dimension making them more versatile in where they can be placed and how they fit into tight spaces. They can also be connected to power grid battery solar system .

What Are The Applications Of Micro DC Aircon?  

If you have a small space that you need to cool, consider using a micro air conditioner. These portable units use reverse cycle technology and can be installed in vehicles or trucks. This is also a great option if you need to maintain a certain temperature for food, electronics, or medical products during transport.

-You can use a Micro DC Aircon in your small cabin, by installing it in the distribution box.

-It is also possible to install a micro AC in electric vehicles, battery, electric box, telecom cabinet, outdoor advertising box, and other small spaces.

How To Choose The Best Micro DC Aircon?  

Size of the room-It’s important to measure the room or vehicle you want to install a micro air conditioner in. This way, you can be sure that the unit will be able to cool the space properly. Keep in mind that RIGID micro dc aircons are only meant for spaces that are less than 2 cubic meters.

Inverter-You’ll want to be sure to choose a micro Aircon with a powerful BLDC inverter, otherwise you may need to replace the AC due to frequent power fluctuations.

Solar and battery– most of the micro air conditioners can run through grid, battery, and solar power. So, you can check the same before you buy. If you want to use such cooling systems in your outdoor space then you must choose a micro Aircon that has solar power technology.

RIGID Micro DC Aircon demonstrates the good cooling performance of the vapor compression cycle for an air conditioning system. The benefits of the mini air conditioner unit include an ultra-small radiator and evaporator with an efficient blower. It has a very compact size in design. By using a mini compressor, it has features of lightest weight while excellent heat transfer performance as well.

RIGID Micro DC Aircon is an ideal setup for van life, to cool a bed. For example, one of those ducted air blankets that hospitals use. Or a bed platform/mattress with holes to duct air to the bed. 250W of cooling is enough to keep two people comfortable when sleeping. With only 10A-15A of input power that could be reasonable.

Of course, there are no standardized ratings cited, so actual performance may vary according to different environments.



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