Small Water Cooler with Compressor for Laser Cooling Systems


Lasers are often used in a variety of industries because they are versatile. However, one downside to lasers is that they can heat up quickly. If the temperature gets too high, the laser will become unusable and could even be damaged. In order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to maintain optimal temperatures using a laser cooling system.

We all know that high-efficiency lasers generate a lot of heat and that it is necessary to remove the heat from the system to prevent components from overheating. Water cooling ensures the long-term accuracy of the laser wavelength and the ideal laser beam quality. The thermal stress of the laser system is greatly reduced by compact water cooling units that continuously circulate water to the laser equipment to avoid overheating.

RIGID developed a unique laser cooling system called the Direct Expansion System. It uses our tiny water cooler to maintain the desired temperature. This guide tells you everything you should know about how laser cooling works. Check it out to learn more about our systems!

direct expansion system
direct expansion system


Lasers’ Importance Across Industries

Lasers can be used in many different industries, depending on how they are constructed. You can use them for many purposes. Here is a short overview of the branches where laser applications could deliver impressive results!



Scientists across several fields create use of lasers. Here is wherever they established themselves useful:
● spectrographic analysis. Lasers square measure a pure source of illumination, which makes them appropriate for numerous spectrographic analysis techniques.
● Heat treatments. If you treat surfaces with optical maser, you’ll be able to improve their sturdiness and resistance to wear and tear.
● satellite optical maser move. The scientists additional a optical maser to an outsized telescope. They calculated however long it took for it to come back to Earth to see the resistance to the Moon.
● chemistry. a brief pulse of sunshine with a optical maser system will result in chemical reactions. It conjointly analyzes them to spot intermediate molecules. That’s convenient in organic chemistry to investigate supermolecule functions.
● optical maser scanners. you’ll be able to use lasers in barcode scanners as they’re quick in reading the codes.
● research. several microscopes use lasers to deliver wonderful quality pictures.



Lasers will facilitate with move however conjointly assist with communications and function actual weapons. consider the potential optical maser uses within the military industry:
● Countermeasures. If somebody sends associate infrared orientating missile, lasers might confuse its heads. counting on the optical maser strength, they’re capable of serving to on the defensive finish against powerful weapons.
● Energy weapons. Lasers will function classic weapons, and a few units will confuse an individual.
● steering and designators. you’ll be able to use a ray to guide a missile to a vehicle or another target. Target designators square measure capable of indicating a target and serving as navigators for exactitude munition.
● a region of firearms. Lasers will improve the targeting once victimisation weapons, like a rifle or piece. Most applications use a red diode, though it might even be associate IR diode, that you’ll be able to solely use with vision.



●Lasers will improve medical treatments and instrumentality. you’ll be able to notice them in several medical applications, including:
●Eye and refractive surgery. It is useful in partitioning problems humans might need with their eyes.
●Cosmetic operations. that has managing scars, wrinkles, sunspots, and stretch marks. you’ll be able to conjointly take away tattoos, hairs, and birthmarks with lasers.
●Laser scalpels. These will assist in urogenital medicine, gynaecological, and alternative surgical treatments.
●Tumor removal. Lasers will take away tumors while not “touching” the body, that is very important for the neural structure and brain.
●Dentistry uses. several dentists use them to get rid of decay, white teeth, and perform oral surgeries.


Industry and Commerce

●Lasers became a vital quality for industrial and business applications. they’ll method materials and small materials, and therefore the uses include:
●Cutting, drilling, welding, marking, cleaning, and alternative operations.
●Rangefinders and steering systems.
●Engraving, printing, victimisation lasers for producing OLED displays.
●Showing subtitles on movies.
●Laser scanners will offer precise measurements.
●The show business uses lasers, too. you regularly see optical maser lighting in concerts and alternative huge events. optical maser tags square measure another diversion activity.



Why square measure optical maser Cooling Systems Important?

Lasers have dozens of uses across completely different industries. notwithstanding their applications, you would like the performance to be at the utmost level. in addition, it’s necessary to take care of consistent performance. That’s solely potential if you have got thermal management over the lasers. they’ll get hot quickly, that affects performance and may result in harm.

It’s imperative to take care of the best temperature of the lasers. That’s why RIGID designed a optical maser cooling system that mixes compact size and wonderful performance. It doesn’t take tons of space, and it’s versatile. due to the little size, you’ll be able to use it on completely different devices. The cooling system guarantees precise thermal management.


Main options of the RIGID optical LASER Cooling System

RIGID is associate professional in chilling solutions. Our optical maser cooling water systems have a straightforward operating method. They contain four major elements, as well as associate evaporator, microchannel condenser, little mechanical device, associated an growth or capillary valve.

The operating method is as easy it might get. the primary half is riveting the warmth from the device. That’s sometimes through with a fluid or refrigerant. The cooler creates a cycle by pushing the warmth from your product through the excitation. Once it reaches the tip of the cycle, it returns cold to your device. It’s a straightforward cooling method, however it allows economical cooling.

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