RIGID-Providing Compact & Portable Cooling Solutions for Demanding Environments

RIGID HVAC develops cooling systems that are compact, portable, and reliable. Their miniature dc compressor is the smallest and lightest rotary compressor ever developed for small refrigeration and air conditioning system. It comes in 12V, 24V, and 48 V configurations with R134a refrigerants. This makes it usable in a wide range of industries including commercial industrial, military, laser & CO2 ,and medical applications.

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DC air conditioners are small, portable, and highly efficient battery-driven units that can be used in electric vehicles, equipment, even on camping trips.

Rigid 12/24/48 V Mini Compressor

Rigid 12/24/48 V Mini Compressor

The RIGID 12V compressor is suitable for a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration applications in LBP, MBP, and HBP systems. Compact size and outstanding cooling capacity make it ideal for mobile or compact cooling systems.

Micro DC Aircon

Portable air conditioner module from us is perfect for small space cooling powered by battery, grid, car power, and solar power.


Micro DC Aircon

Micro DC Air Conditioning Technology at the Cutting Edge

As a leader in innovation, quality, safety, and performance for the past eight years, Rigid Technology has stood the test of time. The Compact Liquid Chiller, DC Condensing Unit, and Mini Compressor are designed and manufactured to ensure that Rigid’s uncompromising standards for ultimate performance, unmatched reliability, and highest durability are met.

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Why Choose RIGID?

  • Easy installation, integrated design
  • Suitable for large refrigerators
  • Reduce weight, footprint, and noise
  • Energy efficient, reliable, and very competitively priced
MOQ for customized chiller?


How to connect the wiring diagram of RIGID mini cooling system?

–All wires are ready before shipping. Users only need to do 3 steps:
1. Connect to DC power supply
2. The drive board connects to the compressor
3. Connect to your system’s on&off switch

Warranty& maintenance

-One year warranty, lifelong technical support.

How does it work for the payment and the shipping?

–PayPal, Credit cards, Bank transfer & L/C.
–DHL/UPS, By Air, By Sea are available.
–50% deposit in advance, balance against B/L or courier receipt.

Payment terms

–50% deposit in advance, balance against B/L or courier receipt.

Delivery Time

— 10 days for sample order, and within 30 days for mass production.


— RIGID provides OEM&ODM and personalization service to match your system-specific cooling requirements.

How to get a sample?

— You can purchase in our online store

RIGID Liquid Chiller Modules weight & size?

— DC condensing unit, 190*160*138mm / 2.5kgs (5.51lbs)
— Compact coil chiller, 275*175*138mm / 3.0kgs (6.61lbs)
— Plate liquid chiller, 330*200*138mm / 3.5kgs (7.72lbs)
— Coaxial liquid chiller, 190*160*138mm / 4.5kgs (9.92lbs)
— Micro DC aircon, 350*260*180mm / 5.0kgs (11.02lbs)

Does this micro air conditioner unit run inside the space or does it need to be vented to outside of the cabinet?

–There must be a heat emission hole in your system, you can use flexible tubes to connect air conditioner unit.

How does one recharge/refill the refrigerant?

— All RIGID DC cooling units are fully charged with oil and refrigerant before shipping. Users needn’t charge refrigerant. Afterward, If you need to refill the compressor with refrigerant for maintenance, there’s one valve for a refrigerant refill.

How much capacity do these exhaust while operating at the maximum operating speed?

— Max cooling capacity is 550W (1,876Btu) when the compressor runs on maximum speed

Does your company make a controller device for the unit or do I need to wire up my own switches?

— RIGID dc aircon module is a sub-system, without On & Off switch, need to wire up your own switch. DC Aircon unit is filled with refrigerant and oil before shipping.

Could you tell me how many decibels of sound the unit produces while running?

—The sound produced by the unit during operation is quiet, less than 48dB.

I’m not sure of is what to do with the two white wires on the driver board? Do I have to have a switch on these two wires for the compressor to run?

—Two white wires need to be closed or wire up to your On/Off Switch. Wires merge is On, separate is Off

What’s the airflow of micro dc aircon unit?

—The air flow is 27.8CFM.

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