EV Battery Cooling System


With the rapid increase in sales of Electric Vehicles (EV), the need for novel thermal management also increases. The increasing temperature from the batteries, the machines, and charging demands an effective portable cooling system. The problem worsens when the batteries are needed to be inside rigid thermal boundaries for the machine’s optimum performance. Operators and Engineers are depending on this cooling machine to keep the equipment working.



American Solar Challenge is a car race event of the different well-known universities around the country. To keep the safeness of the event, the car batteries slot reaches 40 Degree Celsius, the solar team will leave the race until the batteries cool down. The 400 Amps in fast EV charging, the lines need to be totally cooled to avoid any accidents. Rigid compact Liquid Chiller Modules (LCM) are widely applied to cool down the batteries and the machine to maintain the EV in good condition throughout the race.



Rigid patent AlphaCooler Racing Driver Chiller Cooling System runs on Vehicle Power DC12-16V, as well as 24V and 48V. The Racing Driver Cooling System is a rugged vehicle-based cooling unit designed to provide body cooling for racing drivers in extreme heat conditions. For the driver to be able to reduce lap times, it is crucial to maintain energy, extend endurance, and ensure focus. This compact cooler is a commercial off-the-shelf product. No Maintenance. No Ice. No Hassel. It can provide 24/7 continuous cooling in a hot environment.


Miniature Cooling Systems secure performance and longevity in e-vehicles - RIGID HVAC
Miniature Cooling Systems secure performance and longevity in e-vehicles – RIGID HVAC






Users of electric vehicles raise a certain issue about the charging feature. Most of the EV consume time in charge. The fast-charging area can lessen the charging time of the vehicle. The lines need to be totally cooled to avoid any accidents when currents reach 500Amps. Rigid Company created a portable customized liquid chiller that can easily be placed inside the charging stations and be used in intense conditions.



The new type of power station contains a bank battery to deliver Kilo-Watts of power in some isolated areas. Humid Areas and weather can affect the battery performance. Rigid provides an more powerful liquid cooling system (800W ~ 1,800W) to maintain the cool temperature of the batteries.



RIGID Portable Air Conditioner can work with power supplied through a standard adapter. It can be used as a home air conditioner, also it can work as a car air conditioner, and also be a better choice for camping and van life. Rigid latest developed 12V & 24V battery powered A/C is especially for OFF-THE-GRID vanlife.

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