A direct expansion system, mini cooling system to independent coolant that operates the refrigerant to immediately cools down the cold plate. Direct expansion air conditioning system is increasing its sales in the market since the structure of the machine is compact and lightweight. It is now commonly used up because it can be easily installed and cost-effective. With the RIGID’s DX disperse machine is straight connections to the evaporators. Its greatest feature is that it doesn’t require a backup coolant. the HVAC direct expansion system is easy to use and control. Its DC-powered supply so it is energy efficient. The minimalist of the machine can help the user to install the user’s tool.

The Direct expansion HVAC system can be modified to create a high heat flow, controlling the temperature to the coolest possible. The cold plate can alter the isothermal point that can produce a low temperature in the cold plate.


A direct expansion air conditioning system is made up of 3 essential vapor compression refrigeration systems. It is a sub-system, that buyers can connect it to their own evaporator and fill refrigerant. RIGID direct expansion unit is widely applied for small refrigeration applications especially small fridge.

  • Expansion valve
  • Condenser
  • Compressor




A Direct Expansion system using RIGID’s micro compressor technology offers the most compact cooling solution.  In the end, RIGID’s miniature cooling systems can be integrated perfectly into a compact, quiet, reliable, and affordable solution.  There are many applications for direct expansion cold plates.  Active thermal management is used, for example, in industrial lasers, laboratory lasers, medical lasers, and scientific lasers in which the cold plate is mounted directly to the laser module. The temperature can be controlled with high precision, furthermore, the direct cooling system has much lower working noise.

With RIGID micro dc compressors, extremely compact systems can be designed for high heat flux applications in electronics cooling, batteries, laboratory cold plates, etc.










RIGID Expansion evaporator system is made flow vapor to its compact inverter compressor. It doesn’t require the reflow of the pump, tank, and other lines. RIGID’s Dx cooling machine is more compact than common coolers. It is only a size of a shoe box. Nevertheless, its effectiveness is enhanced since it is power efficient. Its cooling power can reach up to 45% compared to the liquid cooler.

This machine is designed to be the simplest as possible to maintain its high-powered machine and to keep away from any technical problems. It can run for at least 3750 days, 24/7.










A direct Expansion Evaporator System is a small group of refrigeration lines that specifically cools down using refrigerants. The tiny compressor can be used in any space to attain its cooling powers.

It is also used for a large variety of functions such as laboratories, hotels, hospitals, and other places that need to be cooled down. It can be temperature can be managed with an accuracy of +/- 0.5°C. RIGID’s compact compressor is created for an elevated heat flow in the cold plates, electronic power supply, and many more.











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