What’s Inside A Mini BLDC Rotary Refrigeration Compressor?

A mini compressor is a refrigeration compressor with a cooling capacity of less than 1KW, with mini size, lightweight and super durability; quiet work, almost no vibration; very low energy consumption, can use a battery, vehicle power, civil grid, solar power supply; with stable output, accurate control, and superior adaptability, can well meet the requirements of all […]

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Compact Water Cooler for Smart Hydroponic Farming

Get Sample Online – DV1920E-C (24V)
Urban areas are expanding every day, which decreases the space available for agriculture. That is why many manufacturers are oriented toward discovering solutions that would enable smart hydroponic farming indoors. 

A smart hydroponic indoor farm is a unique solution for growing plants anywhere. Thanks to its unique design and cultivation […]

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The Best Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling

The Best Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling – RIGID Chiller System DV1910E-P

Electric vehicles use large batteries to store energy. The energy flows into the battery pack to power the vehicle.  We all know that the flow of current causes heating in the battery cells.  The higher the current flows the more the heating effect will be.


It […]

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