Due to its patented miniature refrigeration technology, RIGID Technology develops products that are unparalleled in compact thermal management.

There are four components in the cooling system: a 12V DC compressor, condenser, evaporator, and water pump in one small package. The cooling system LC1910E-PRO is made up of four components: a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and water pump.

In terms of size, weight, and energy efficiency, the 12V liquid cooler is among the smallest and lightest solutions on the market. Markets include hospital, medical, military, fire fighters, outdoor workers, first responders, and racing, as well as markets for increasing personal effectiveness under hot weather conditions.

Compact Liquid Cooler - Alphacooler

Alphacooler (12V&24V )

Model Number: LC1910E20-PRO (12V & 24V)
Product: Compact, Light, Rugged Liquid Cooler for Core Cooling

Power Supply: 12V&24V DC
Refrigerant: R134A
Capacity: 100~450W
Digital Display Controller
Reservoir: 145ml
Pump Flow Rate: 7.5L/min
Weight: 6.8kgs (15lbs)
L x W x H: 300x170x170mm (11.8×6.7×6.7 inch)

Parts included: 1pc x Power cord+2pcs x Liquid pipe+4pcs x Quick connector+1pc x Fuse
Optional parts: Cooling suit, Remote Controller.

Alphacooler (12V&24V )
Alphacooler PRO (12V&24V)

Alphacooler PRO (12V&24V)

Model Number: LC2810E20-PRO
Product: More Powerful Alphacooler (>50% capacity more than LC1910E-PRO series)

Power Supply: 12V&24V DC
Refrigerant: R134A
Capacity: 100~500W
Digital Display Controller
Reservoir: 145ml
Pump Flow Rate: 7.5L/min
Weight: 10.0kgs (22lbs)
L x W x H: 330x200x182mm (13.0×7.8×7.2 inch)

Parts included: 1pc x Power cord+2pcs x Liquid pipe+4pcs x Quick connector+1pc x Fuse
Optional parts: Cooling suit, Remote Controller.

Science and Technology's "Core" Power

Thermal management is one of the biggest challenges engineers face today. Small devices and personal use are not suitable for conventional scroll compressors due to their size. There are no industry standards for compact and mobile refrigeration, nor are there logical bits and bytes. Therefore, the design of a cooling system, the selection of the right technology, supplier, and products cannot be made without knowledge and experience.

In the past decade, RIGID Technology has focused on miniature refrigeration systems, developing a comprehensive knowledge base in compact and portable thermal managements, which allows us to offer complete solutions to our customers. In addition to standard small cooling units, RIGID produces customized orders and OEM products.

RIGID specializes in volume manufacturing of refrigeration systems tailored to your application if there are changes to physical dimensions, temperature requirements, etc. We will get back to you within 12 hours if you contact

OEM manufacturing is available at RIGID, as well as customized services. You can count on our easy-going research and development teams to meet your special needs.

Body cooling;
Laser cooling;
Medical & Aesthetic;
laboratory Equipment;
Recycling Liquid Cooling;
Small mobile thermal cooling system etc.

More applications

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How does the Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H work?

A liquid chiller is a product that secures cooling by using liquid circulation or convection. The liquid serves as a heat conductor and removes the heat from devices and
components. That is how it manages to cool them down and keep them cool. The Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H keeps your device cool and focused in extreme
temperatures by pumping liquid (like distilled water, propylene glycol or coolant formula)
through device and equipment. Powered by a rotary micro-compressor, NO Ice! NO chemical cold pad!

What applications Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H apply to?
  • Laser devices
  • Battery packs
  • Medical equipment
  • Photonics effective cooling
  • Small chilled water systems
  • Electronics cooling systems
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Semiconductor test industry application
  • Besides, you also can combined RIGID Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H with a cooling shirt or
    vest, that is a compact chiller for human body cooling. Chiller LC3220E-H circulates water flowing through the suit, helps to take away the heat
    released by the human body. LC3220E-H works as a liquid chiller to cool the circulatingwater and provide continuous cooling water for the human body cooling.
How is Chiller LC3220E-H able to generate marvellous power for its size?

The Chiller LC3220E-H has one of the highest power to weight ratio rotary
micro-compressor in the world. Capable of producing as much cooling power as a
compressor 5x its size – this is the heartbeat of our cooling system

How is the Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H different from other cooling systems?

It is dual functions of Heating and Cooling. Easy & Swift. The Chiller LC3220E-H requires no ice! It adopts world’s smallest variable speed
refrigerated compressor to operate. Small body, Power engine. Driven by dc power supply (24V), it runs on a continuous cooling cycle, therefore will cool
as long as the system is turned on.
It’s extremely lightweight, compact, and has a fluid flow rate of 5 liters per minute at 16psi. The rotary micro-compressor inside is as strong as other systems 5 times its size.
It requires zero maintenance and allows you to set and change your temperature to your

What does the Coolant Formula consist of?

Usually, distilled water is good if your target liquid temperature above 4C degree.
If you want much lower liquid temperature, you have to consider Coolant Formula to avoidfrosting, like propylene glycol or water mixtures.

What’s the temperature range of Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H?

Factory setting is 4ºC ~45ºC (39ºF ~113ºF). We can customized according to customer’s special demand

What’s the best temperature for racing driver body cooling?

The recommended temperature setting is 13ºC (55º F). We recommend this mid-range temperature because studies show that temperatures
below 55º can shock the capillaries just below the surface of the skin and cause themtoclose, actually causing your body to hold heat. 55º – 60º around the torso and vital regionsof the body is most effective, cooling your body from the core.

How long does the Chiller LC3220E-H operate before needing to be refilled?

The Chiller LC3220E-H functions on a continuous cycle. Your device operating frequencyand how often you use the system effects how often you need to refill the reservoir. Chiller
LC3220E-H only requires one to one coolant formula to distilled water mixture, so we
recommend topping off before every use to prevent the system from running dry.

What are the dimensions and weight of Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H?

External dimension: 339x208x235 mm (13×8.2×9.2 inch)
Net weighs: 5kgs/11lbs

How can I control the temperature of Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H?

A digital display in front of the chiller communicates the current temperature

Can the Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H cool more than one device?

Depending on the ambient temperature at the time, your system and install. RIGID also provides customized service and design.

What are the power requirements to power a Chiller LC3220E-H?

While power draw can spike to 12 amps max, depending on your surrounding temperature, average draw is 4-5 amps. The system runs on 24 volts AC adapter. Tested in maximum compressor speed at 6000rpm, our system uses around 550 watts at
maximum. We highly recommend adding an inline fuse within 6 inches from the power supply, inlinewith fans and ducting to prevent from heat soak and high amp draw. Forcing ambient air
intake to the chiller can significantly affect the draw rate.

How do I install the Chiller LC3220E-H?

The RIGID Compact Cooler requires a 24V 10 amp or greater power supply. We
recommend you install to accessory and add an inline fuse within 6 inches fromthe power
supply. Note* the red wire is positive, the black is ground. Mount the base plate. Mounting location should be in the coolest, most ventilated portionof the system. Cooler air will boost efficiency and reduce current draw, therefore, mount
system where intake is facing away from transmission tunnel and exhaust. Do not mount
system over transmission tunnel or exhaust. We recommend you use 1″-1.5″ spacers between the cooler and the floor pan to allowcooler air to circulate under the system to prevent overheating. In some device, a duct andblower may be necessary to source cooler air. Operating temperatures should not exceed 60º C / 140º F without additional fans or
blower. If temperature exceeds 140º F, system will shut off to prevent overheating. Consider the shorter the length of the cooling hose, the more efficient the hose will be. Hoses can be cut to fit and shrink wrapped for a clean, finished look. Visit our website for more videos and tips. WWW.RIGIDHVAC.COM

What are the maintenance requirements for the Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H?

There are zero maintenance requirements for Chiller LC3220E-H. We only suggest that you top the Coolant Formula off before every use to prevent fromever running the system dry.

Do you offer replacement or spare installation parts?

RIGID Cooling Systems offer replacement and spare installation parts. If you have
additional questions about which parts you might need, please reach out to us. * * +86-579-8837 9768

Are there additional accessories needed?

Liquid Chiller LC3220E-H is a completed cooling system. It is fully charged of refrigerant
gas and oil before shipping. Just plug and play!
Optional accessories:
 AC Adaptor
 Cooling hose

Can I use standard freon in my Chiller LC3220E-H?

You should not put freon inside of the Chiller LC3220E-H except distilled water and
glycol-water mixture for this type of compressor. Any other fluids including freon couldcause the system to freeze up or congeal, evidently breaking the system.

Can I purchase a Chiller LC3220E-H direct, or through a vendor?

RIGID Compact Cooling Systems is selling direct to consumer. Retails feel free to our
online store:
Production order or cooperation, reach out to Any comments will
receive our prompt reply in 12hrs.

What is the warranty for Chiller LC3220E-H?

The warranty of Chiller LC3220E-H is 18 months

What is the Liquid Chiller return policy?

Return policy is 30 days, excluding the shipping.

Does the Liquid Chiller ship internationally?

All RIGID cooling systems ship internationally, DHL door to door shipping.

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