0.7cc Tiny Compressor

The RIGID miniature refrigeration dc mechanical device may be a breakthrough in vapor compression technology, that includes low vibration and low noise operation. Its little size is that the initial real innovation in miniature mechanical device technology in an exceedingly century.
RIGID mini dc compressors may be utilised in several thermal management applications, from compact refrigeration, little current coolers, little water coolers, medical cooling, direct cooling of physics, small dc air conditioners to mobile a/c cooling.

RIGID Mini Compressor

Mini Compressor QX1902VDL (24V)

Product: Miniature Variable Speed DC Compressor
Voltage: DC 24V
Capacity: 125-400W
Refrigerant: R134A
Weight: 720g (1.6lbs)
Size: 5.6 x 7.8 cm (2.3 x 3.07 inch)

Miniature Refrigeration & Freezer System; Portable Cooling System.

Mini Compressor QX1902VDL (24V)
Mini Compressor QX1903VDL (48V)

Mini Compressor QX1903VDL (48V)

Product: Miniature Variable Speeds DC Compressor
Voltage: DC 48V
Capacity: 137~455W
Refrigerant: R134A
Weight: 720g (1.6lbs)
Size: 5.6 x 7.8 cm (2.3 x 3.07 inch)

Miniature Refrigeration & Freezer System; Portable Cooling Systems.

RIGID Mini Compressor Provides Unparalleled Performance!

RIGID small and miniaturized compressors – sanctioning the event of sunshine, compact systems for refrigeration. Designed to optimize house and weight, mini compressors ar excellent for little and mobile refrigeration. the little size of mini compressors makes them excellent for mobile or moveable refrigeration, cooling physics, and various business appliances wherever weight and house ar necessary.

For sleek and straightforward temperature regulation, RIGID miniature rotary DC compressors with cooling capacities from 100W to 700W (2,3870Btu) ar driven by our proprietary driver board. This drive board may be incessantly controlled by the frequency of a sq. wave signal with speeds starting from a pair of,000 revolutions per minute to six,500 rpm.

For over decades, RIGID rotary variable speed mini compressors are associate business leader in DC cooling and Compact business Refrigeration. With the foremost advanced technologies and high-quality standards, RIGID continues to exceed customer’s expectations.

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Rotary compressor with DC inverter

Designed for mobile refrigeration systems and compact refrigerators, the miniature BLDC compressor – QX2802VDL is lightweight and compact.
Featuring a twin pump and BLDC motor, the QX2802VDL mini compressor offers high efficiency and variable speed with the slightest vibration and 40% less noise.
QX2802VDL is similar temperament for a good vary of applications, this includes, however isn’t restricted to: transportable cooling system, mobile refrigeration, tiny white goods, transport A/C (with the engine not in use), medium battery cooling, photo-tonic excitation, cooling box for a maritime, mobile seat cooler, and compact appliance drier.


Compressor is a key component to refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Compressors are the “heart” of such appliances, comparable to a car engine or even the human heart.  A compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. RIGID Technologies now presents the lightest, more compact and more efficient BLDC Inverter Compressor.


The selection of a compressor should be considered the following factors: 
1.Evaporator Temperature
2.Cooling Capacity
3.Refrigerant Type
4.Ambient Temperature
5.Electrical Power Available
6.Compressor and Drive Cooling


1.Super small volume: 56.5 x 78 mm (LxH)
2.Super light weight: 720g (1.6lbs)
3.Use brushless motor, 12V, 24V and 48V are available
4.Driver board: variable speed ranges 1800 to 6500 rpm
5.Low vibration with anti-vibration cushion 
6.High temperature working condition, can work under 52 degree ambient temperature.


The minimum evaporating temperature and the condensing temperature allows RIGID mini compressor apply to application (LBP, MBP, or HBP). 
Low Back Pressure systems such as freezers have evaporator temperatures below -20ºC (-4ºF). Medium Back Pressure systems such as food coolers or beverage dispensers have evaporator temperatures higher than -20ºC (-4ºF). High Back Pressure systems such as chillers and air conditioners have evaporator temperatures higher than -5ºC (+23ºF).

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