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RIGID Is The Miniature Compressor Innovation Leader In China

RIGID is a company specialized in manufacturing, marketing, research & development of microclimate cooling systems and provides small cooling solutions for the extremely hot environment and confined space. We specialize in and focus on Mini Compressor, Compact Liquid Chillers, Micro DC Aircon. The small cooling systems are well suited for a variety of applications like laser, electronics, racing, plants, foods, pet cooling, personal cooling, medical & aesthetic, and other small cooling needs. The qualification of products has met the technical and quality standards of Germany, the U.S., Italy and Asian countries.

For the past 9 years, Rigid Technology has stood the test of time for the highest level of performance, quality, safety and innovation. All Rigid standard cooling systems are designed and manufactured with complete control of every step to ensure that Rigid’s uncompromising standards for ultimate performance, unmatched reliability and highest durability are met. Besides standard chiller modules, Rigid also custom-made refrigeration units according to clients’ demand.

RIGID product’s pocket size and portability and very competitive price enable us is irreplaceable. Our unique design and high tech precision manufacturing, is resulting in products, which outperform and outlast any other brand on the market today.


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Why Choose RIGID Custom Cooling Systems?

RIGID is the pioneer in mini BLDC rotary compressor manufacturer in China.
RIGID is creative and captures new technologies in compact cooling systems.
The world’s smallest size & lightest weight, while excellent efficiency COP.
RIGID is a young company, but we flexible and move quickly and take responsibility.
OEM & ODM are available and able to meet their specific refrigeration needs.
Our R&D team works with customers to define their system’s requirements.

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    What’s RIGID Mini Compressor Features?
    • Super small volume: 56.5 x 78 mm (LxH)
    • Super light weight: 720g (1.6lbs)
    • Compressor Motor adopts brushless motor, 12V, 24V and 48V are available
    • Driver board: variable speed ranges 1800 to 6500 rpm
    • Low vibration with anti-vibration cushion, ultra quiet
    • High temperature working condition, can work under 52 degree ambient temperature.
    What Application Needs RIGID Mini Compressor?

    RIGID miniature compressor has features of the lightest weight, smallest footprint and more efficiency than that of reciprocating compressor. Its smallest size enable it satisfy the growing small and portable cooling and refrigeration equipment. It can work on power battery, solar power, car power etc. The result is that mobile refrigeration and portable cooling have been re-energized creating new opportunities for innovative appliances that do not rely on grid power.

    RIGID mini compressor is the world’s best tiny refrigerant compressor for air conditioning and refrigeration application. The mini dc compressor is starting a new trend in various compact mobile cooling systems, like miniature refrigeration system, mobile & portable dc aircon, cooling electronics, and in numerous commercial appliance types where space and weight are important.

    Why Choose RIGID Mini Compressor?

    RIGID mini compressor is 12V/24V/48V DC Rotary Compressor, brushless motor contains sensorless drive board. Its variable speed up to 1,880 BTU/h cooling. Plus, comparing to traditional reciprocating refrigerated compressor, RIGID tiny compressor has 17 times the cooling power for the same volume, and 10.5 times the cooling power for the same weight. The obvious advantage is that, a large space and weight savings can be achieved using RIGID miniature compressor. Such features have been prized in mobile and compact refrigeration systems.

    RIGID mini compressor is trending in nowadays HVAC industry in these years. It provides lots of space in a confined and small refrigerated products. Furthermore, it saves much space for end user’s application when embedded. RIGID mini compressor is ultra quiet, with high cooling power, precision control, and unique reliability. It meets a growing need for compact thermal management systems.

    What’s RIGID Liquid Chiller Module (LCM)?

    RIGID liquid chiller module is an integrated cooling sub-system, which is specially used for small footprint cooling applications and cooling systems where space and weight are critical. It is a complete small & mobile cooling module, can be directly installed into end user’s equipment or external housing and where the users need to implement their own controls for their compact cooling and refrigeration.

    RIGID Liquid Chiller Module (LCM) uses its own patented miniature dc compressor to cool liquid and air. LCM includes Miniature Compressor, Driver Board, Condenser, Evaporator and Filter Drier and other small cooling parts. It provides core cooling and refrigerant control mode is capillary tube. This subsystem is full charged with R134a and oil and ready to use. It allows end users to adapt to the coolant fittings for ultimate flexibility.

    What’s Cooling Capacity of RIGID Liquid Chiller Module (LCM)?
    RIGID micro compressor and small cooling systems have as much as 30W to 550W (100 Btu~1,800Btu) of cooling capacity under standard ASHRAE conditions, using a single cylinder configuration.
    How many types of Liquid Chiller Modules (LCM) RIGID have at present?
    RIGID LCM has 3 types of radiator configurations: Plate&Frame, Coaxial Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel Coil type evaporators (heat exchanger).
    Does RIGID provide Customization or ODM (Original Designed Manufacturer) ?
    Yes, we also offer custom cooling systems, and provide cooling solutions that can be built to your special demands. Ultimately, RIGID patent small cooling systems are intended to leverage our refrigeration expertise while giving end users awesome cooling solutions.
    Why Choose RIGID Liquid Chiller Modules (LCM)?
    • World’s smallest size, but extraordinary cooling performance
    • Direct current rotary compressor, run on 12V, 24, 48V DC power
    • Compact & precise design providing reliable performance in cooling and refrigeration
    • Smallest & lightest configuration enables it perfect match for a wide range of applications
    • Variable speed refrigerated dc compressor can operate in battery, vehicle, grid or solar power
    What’s RIGID Micro DC Aircon?

    RIGID Micro dc air conditioning module is a sub-system, it includes miniature BLDC inverter compressor, driver board, condenser, evaporator, capillary and other small refrigeration parts. All these cooling parts are well integrated in one unit. It meets customer’s specific demand where weight and space is important. RIGID micro dc aircon module is most compact perfect match for customer’s small space cooling which is powered by battery, grid, car power and solar power. Because DC power can be used more efficiently, all of the highest efficiency portable dc air conditioners on the market use DC powered compressors.

    The advantages of RIGID DC Aircon:

    • The seasonal energy efficiency ratio is extremely higher.
    • RIGID’s tropical T3 series compressors, maintaining its high efficiency in a high ambient areas.
    • For those air conditioner manufacturers, it is small amount of investment, but has large profits, and much shorter period of the return investment.
    What’s RIGID DC Condensing Unit?

    RIGID DC Condensing unit is also named direct refrigeration cooling or direct expansion cooling. It provides many advantages including the most compact size, the highest efficiency and cooling capacity. After our lab’s investigation and performance, the advantages of RIGID DC Condensing units have more cooling over liquid chillers and Thermoelectrics. It typically offers the highest heat transfer rates. Plus, RIGID miniature condensing unit is ultra compact size with 12V 24V or 48V DC mini compressor. The direct refrigeration cooling system uses R134A coolant, and the refrigerant absorbs heat directly at the heat source, minimizing the size and component count of end user’s machine and system.

    By using RIGID’s patent mini compressor, RIGID Condensing Unit has much better cooling power than that of peltier. It drives the refrigerant directly through the evaporator to take away major heat of heat source. This concept eliminates the need for a water cooling loop (water pump, reservoir and associated tubing) resulting in a greatly simplified cooling system.

    RIGID small dc condensing unit can integrate directly into customer’s compact system and provide very high heat fluxes at the heat source.

Be an Expert When Selecting Small DC Cooling System

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    How to Choose A Miniature Compressor?
    RIGID Rotary Mimi Compressors are exceptional compact and achieve extra odinary power capacity. Its small, high-perform brushless compressor-the size of a child’s fist.
    Why Choose RIGID miniature refrigeration systems?
    RIGID specializes in the design of miniature refrigeration systems. We work directly with our customers to provide custom cooling solutions to meet their specific requirements.
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